sábado, 3 de outubro de 2015


O Escriba Valdemir publicou este livro que você pode ler aqui na íntegra. São dezenas de capítulos falando das ideologias do Partido dos Trabalhadores que são contrárias aos ensinos da Bíblia. Não dá para a pessoa ser petista e cristão ao mesmo tempo. O livro pode ser adquirido impresso no endereço a seguir:


quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2015


Scribe Valdemir publie un livre ARCHÉOLOGIE BIBLIQUE. 98 pages dans lequel nous analysons les histoires racontées dans la Bible et nous pouvons prouver la véracité d'entre eux. (Peut être acheté imprimé par: amazon.com, clubedeautores.com.br et autres libraires en ligne)

sábado, 16 de maio de 2015


Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

The House Of Miracles

Haunted House #1
In the suburbs of Sydney, there is a small house where miracles are said to happen. In 2006, three months after their 17-year-old son died in a car accident, George and Lina Tannous were shocked to notice that the walls of the deceased boy’s room were mysteriously weeping aromatic oil. They soon became convinced that the oil was of supernatural origin, sent by their son from heaven to communicate with them.
As news of the mysterious “House of Miracles” started spreading, its fame grew and the faithful came knocking at the Tannous family’s door. They even noticed that the oil, combined with prayer, seemed to have healing properties. Pilgrims kept on coming, so the Tannous turned their house into a 24-hour chapel. A local Catholic priest became convinced that the phenomenon was clearly a miracle, and even started anointing people with the oil. Even Mr. Tannous’ trouble with the law in 2010 (curiously, he had been involved in a forgery case) didn’t stop people from coming.
The miracle oil, which was tested in 2007 and found to be a combination of oil and water, is still on the walls of the house today, and its true origins remain a mystery. The Tannous maintain its origin is divine, but although they have always refused to take any money from visitors, the president of the local sceptics’ association has his own suspicions about the mystery substance’s authenticity: He says the House of Miracles looks a lot like someone had been, and we quote, “running around the house dabbing oil and water on the walls.”